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The answers to you questions are found in these garage door repair FAQs. Visit and you will be informed.

  • What are the green garage doors?

    They are garage doors made of recycled materials. Wood is made out of composite lumber and doors are highly insulation efficient. They ought to have a high r-value and good bottom seal. There are no 100% green doors but they can be partially ecological.

  • What does a carriage garage door have and why is it very popular?

    Because the garage door consumes about 1/3 of the front elevation of your home, it is imperative that you choose a visually appealing door. Aside from function, style becomes also significant for most homeowners as well as architects, remodelers, and builders. This is the main reason why carriage garage doors for houses are increasing in popularity. Generally, this type of door is becoming a great element of design for the home and is now more than a commodity.

  • Should I replace both springs on my garage door?

    If one spring has become worn and broken, it is recommended that both springs should be replaced. It can be almost impossible to see wear on springs and determine the life expectancy of the remaining spring. Both springs have been under a similar amount of stress, so it would be logical to assume that the remaining spring will soon need replacement. Additionally, you may find that your door will not properly balance when there is one new spring and one worn spring.

  • Is it possible to paint my garage door?

    Yes, many garage doors that are for residential use can be painted. Depending on the type or design, you may need to check on the painting instructions of your manual so that you will know which kinds of paint will have a great effect on your garage door. Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, can be finished with powder coats.

  • Can I have a custom-made garage door?

    Special types or customized garage doors are available at our company. Depending on what size or available space you have for your garage, experts can measure the width and length accurately and come up with a modified size and design, whenever needed. It is best to inspect the actual location and get the exact measurements so as to come up with a durable custom-made garage door.

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