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Best Garage door tips

Find the best garage door repair tips on this page. A comprehensive guide for everyone! If you are interested in fresh ideas and clever solutions, go through these tips. They are original and smart!  Don't you just love some good tips when dealing with garage door matters? Here are the best

  • When springs scream, they need replacement

    Listen to your garage door springs! They don't make noise just for fun. They usually need lubrication. Some of their supportive components – like bearings and brackets – might need replacement or tightening. At the worst scenario, the springs will need replacement too and in this case you must hurry to call our technicians to avoid problems.

  • The monthly rule

    We always advise our customers to do a visual inspection of their garage doors once a month. Regardless of whether you use them or not, a monthly checkup to make sure all the parts are working properly help ensure that your garage doors stay in top condition and won't be a safety hazard.

  • Check old parts before installing new doors

    It's necessary to ensure that the current garage door parts are appropriate for the new garage door. Remember that components are chosen in terms of the door's weight. So, start from there and see if the size of springs, tracks, rollers and the horsepower of the electric opener suffice or you'll have to replace them.

  • Invest in a Timer-to-Close Feature

    Timer-to-close features are a worthy investment because they up the resale value of a house and give you an extra sense of security. Experts at our company all recommend them.

  • Don’t try fixing the garage door springs or cables alone

    Unless experienced in this part, the process should not be done alone. The best choice to surely avoid injuries and even death is by consulting one of our experienced service technicians to repair and check door springs and cables. Keep in mind that these parts require expertise and the right equipment to complete.

  • Routinely tighten the door panels

    Constant use of the door and the vibration caused by this will loosen the brackets and fasteners over time. To avoid this, the door panels must be tightened regularly. A wrench or a socket can be used to tighten down the fasteners. Also tighten hinges and replace bolts or nuts that may be missing. Users can also opt to have Garage Door Repair Loganville check.

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