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An average household uses their door roughly a thousand times a year. When something goes wrong with it, you’ll find it very difficult to go about the rest of your day. Regardless of what part of the system is at fault, you'll need to have a professional take care of the problem. Garage door systems can be very dangerous to handle, as they are under a lot of tension, and many of their components can cause serious injuries when they break.

Diagnosing And Dealing With The Problem

An overhead door is a complicated system made up of many different components that work together to achieve a similar goal – to help it open and close smoothly. Our technician will start by identifying what’s caused the problem in the first place; sometimes this can be a straightforward issue, like a broken spring, but other times it requires some careful detective work, such as when there are dents in the tracks or when some of the rollers have worn out. Whatever the case may be, once we find the root of the problem, we'll address it on the spot and replace or repair the damaged parts.

Identifying Additional Damages

When something like a cable or a spring breaks, it often impacts other parts of the system. Because a lot of our different components rely on each other in order to function properly, the failure of one part can often place additional strain on the other ones. This can potentially cause more damage to the system. Our technicians will carefully assess the condition of your door and highlight any causes for concern. We will also be more than happy to offer you some useful maintenance tips that will help your system last for a longer time.

Our Professional Team

We understand how important it is to work quickly, especially when the problem you're faced with is preventing you from using your garage. We are fully committed to solving your problems as fast as possible, and we will never compromise the quality of our work in the process. Our dedicated team at Garage Door Repair Loganville is ready to address any issues you have. Contact us today for more information.

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