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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs are an essential part of your setup since they are responsible for keeping your doors properly aligned so that they can operate smoothly and without problems. They are also important for keeping your door properly supported, and therefore safe to use. They are typically installed in pairs on opposite ends of the door to provide this balance and support. If you are looking for assistance with your springs, whether they need installing, repairing, maintenance or replacing, contact us at Garage Door Repair Loganville for more information on the various services that we have on offer. Here’s how we can assist you:Garage Door Springs

Installing New Garage Door Springs

If you are looking for the right assistance with having your extension or overhead door springs installed on your door, our technicians are here to help. Our staff is highly trained and experienced enough to ensure that when we install springs to your door, that we do so with professionalism and care. This way you can be sure that your doors will continue to run smoothly, are always balanced, and are always safe to use.

Repairs and Replacements

Even the hardiest of springs will likely take damage from time to time. This is because the stress of their job puts them under immense and constant pressure which is sure to undermine their structural integrity after some time. They also have to combat the harsh effects of weathering and galvanic corrosion, and even damaged caused by minor accidents to the door. Whatever the reason, if your springs are not behaving the way they are supposed to, speak to us about our overhead extension and torsion spring replacement services to get yours in working order again.

Maintaining your Springs

With a little routine maintenance, you can ensure that your springs enjoy a longer and more functional lifespan, while seeing to it that your doors are always being used safely. If it has been some time since you have conducted any maintenance on your springs, be sure to have one of our technicians take a look at them for you. Inspections, lubrication and routine maintenance on them will ensure that you can push back the date when you need to conduct expensive and avoidable extension spring repairs.

Call Garage Door Repair Loganville for more information on our services relating to overhead and extension garage door springs. Whether you need new installations, minor repairs, complete replacements or just a little routine maintenance, all of our professional technicians are here to assist you. So, speak with one of our consultants today about having your springs seen to. We are waiting for your call.

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